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Chapter 1 begins with Luna being abducted to the Land of Demise. She doesn't know who or why abducted her though. She can't fight back as her body and he magic feel numb. She passes out and wakes up shortly afterwards. The main villains are then introduced, the Ponies of the Apocalypse, Pestilence, Famine, War and Death. Death reveals to Luna that they're 'brothers'. This term is metaphorical, as all alicorns know each other. Luna doesn't remember him or any of the other ponies. Luna and Death exit the facility they were in. They are in a world full of sand, sandstorms and creatures that violently fight each other over dominence. These creatures are actually newly made alicorns, which will be explained later. Death takes Luna to the Lake of Confrontation that reveals one's true nature. Its powers can only be activated by Death. Luna is dragged into the lake by a mysterious creature. Once in the lake, Luna is forced to tranform to Nightmare Moon from guilt. Nightmare Moon comes rising from the lake as Death observes the newborn alicorns. After one of Death's tests, Nightmare Moon faints and wakes up in her inner self. There, she meets Luna who is more than willing to kill herself in order to destroy Nightmare Moon. Death interferes and absorbs Luna, turning her into pure energy that is converted into the New Elements of Harmony. The New Elements are instantly born in the hearts of six ponies. Nightmare Moon is 'complete'. Upon facing the moon in the sky, Nightmare Moon enters a new transformation, grows claws, her fangs get bigger and her mane turns dark, sparky blue. Nightmare Chaos is reborn, like one of the newborn alicorns, hence his transformation over the Chapters. Death guides him back to the facility where they came from and the Alicorns head out to the world of Ponies. It turns out that, 1000 and even more years ago, the ancestors of the Ponies of the Apocalypse were planning a conspiracy against Celestia in order to form the Lunar Republic. The Ponies of the Apocalypse were once guardians that were to prepare Luna to be a tyrrant. However, the guardians wished for her to be the best Princess of the Night. It was only inevitable though that Luna gave in to her jealousy and turned to Nightmare Moon. The Republic is formed but soon after falls along with Nightmare Moon. Celestia uses the Elements of Harmony and Luna is banished to the Moon. The guardians are exiled to the Land of Demise, the land where every Alicorn is created -So yeah, no parents. Just brutal creation and kind-slaughter-. As the years pass, the guardians change and earn their new place in life as the Ponies of the Apocalypse.

Chapter 2 begins with Quill Soul, an aspring Unicorn artist, arriving to Ponyville. She's not staying permanently though. Her stay only serves her as a small break from her real destination, which is a meeting with a publisher. After a small stumble with Pinkie Pie, Quill Soul tried to avoid her using a teleportation spell that makes her end up in an alley. A pegasus there asks her to leave and she does so. Quill Soul is both a writer and a drawer and has a very close Alicorn friend, Dark Equun. Dark Equun is a mysterious pony that wears a mask. As long as Quill Soul remembers, Dark Equun was always with her. She's the only one that can see and hear him. Now Quill Soul is a mare with huge confident issues. On her first night in Ponyville, after another one of Dark's 'visits', Quill Soul asks him if she's weird. Dark claims that he is her and knows it more than anypony else that Quill Soul possesses a great gift like no other: Creativity. Quill Soul, after a small hug, falls asleep in Dark Equun's hooves. On the other side of Ponyville, another Pegasus with the name of Heartfire Burn arrives in Ponyville and enters a night cafe to take a small break. There, he meets a Unicorn named Thyme and the two of them spend the night talking to each other. The pegasus in the alley, Grafix was now done with his wall illustration. Fluttershy, Grafix seems to be in love with her even though he hardly knows her. In a small house, two twin sisters, Dolce and Oscura talk about one of Dolce's designs. Oscura is the pessimistic twin and Dolce the happy go lucky one. The Chapter ends with Nightmare Chaos and the Ponies of the Apocalypse arriving in an empty field not so far away from Ponyville and are about to begin their attack.

Chapter 3 begins immediately with the assault on Ponyville. Pestilence releases a swarm of locusts that evour everything they see. Famine is ecstatic. While Nightmare Chaos leaves Famine behind to feast, the rest advance further. Twilight gather every unicorn she can and releases a huge magical shield that fends off the locusts. Famine gets hyped up and releases a huge creature that eats the whole shield. It should be pointed out here that Famine doesn't feast on flesh but more on magic energy, the Chi-like essence in every pony. Unicorns and Alicorns are able to channel their magic energy throught their bodies better than Pegasi and Earth Ponies and thus they can use magic. That's why the shield, although indestructable, was absorbed. The ponies retreat to Canterlot. The Ponies of the Apocalypse arrive shortly after and are let to have their fun. War kills both innocent ponies and guards that try to assault him. Rainbow Dash tells the rest of the Mane Six to retreat and guard the Princess. Death kills her shortly after, making Applejack vengenful towards him. Death burns himself along with Applejack. Although it's tough, and with the help of Grafix, the rest of the Mane Six retreat to the castle. Equestria is slowly taken over. Celestia watches from behind her window in the caslte. Pestilence pays her a visit and tries to convince her to forget about ponies. His plan backfires and Celestia gets ready to kill him. Famine bites her and gnaws almost all of her magic energy. Celestia begins to lose her power and falls to the ground. Nightmare Chaos brutally beats her up in an act of both revenge and pride before she's decappitated by War. The Mane Six enter the throne room and Nightmare Chaos yells the Princess' death right in front of them. Rarity teleports them away. Equestria falls and the New Chaos Republic is formed...

Chapter 4 begins with the remaining surviving ponies hiding in an underground warehouse above the Cakes' Pastry Shop. Twilight, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie have abandoned hope. Twilight thinks that without the Princess, she's lost whereas Fluttershy and Pinkie believe that, since Applejack and Rainbow were the courageous ones, they are helpless. Only Rarity seems to have hope in her and tries to comfort them. An Earth Pony thinks Rarity's wrong. The Earth Pony is the mare Violet Haze who comes out as quite aggresive and pessimistic. She turns to the other ponies and tries to convince them it's all over and that, eventually, the will all die. Viole Haze receives a strong comeback from Heartfire Burn that makes her leave the room embarassed. Quill Soul survives too and spends her time working on a small sketch of Ponyville. Dark Equun asks her why she's there. Quill Soul replies that she can't really do anything. Dark Equun walks away from her, making Quill Soul beg for him to stay. This slightly points out that, even though Quill Soul doesn't really know who he is or where he came from, she still thinks of him as a friend. Dark Equun smiles behind his mask and disappears after pointing out Quill Soul's creativity again. Quill Soul gains a small boost of confidence and heads towards the others. Fluttershy sits alone and cries over her friends. Grafix puts his shyness aside and goes to Fluttershy, trying to comfort her. It suprisingly works but Graifx fears he's friend-zoned. Heartfire Burn roams and looks at all the families and friends. He suddenly stumbles upon Thyme, the Unicorn he met back in the cafe. Twilight tries to pull herself together and concentrates in order to come up with a plan. Pinkie Pie still mourns. The twin sisters Dolce and Oscura try to cheer her up and succeed. Her Pinky Spirit returns. After their small reunion, Heartfire and Thyme find Violet Haze, the mare that was against the Mane Six, secretly crying. She seemed pretty upset over Heartfire. Heartfire convinces her that crying will lead her nowhere and the two introduce to each other. Thyme recognises Twilight Sparkle. Thyme is a big fan on Twilight Sparkle's progress in Friendship and Science. Twlight was looking at a map of Canterlot. Thyme pointed at the catacombs and how they must have been blocked and suggests that the best way they reach the castle is via Unicorn magic. However, even though the idea seemed pretty legit, the Battleships were the real problem. Quill Soul requested to interfere and pointed out that, after reading it in a book, the best offense is defence. So, te best way to teleport to the castle without alarming the battleships and the guards would be an open assault. Twilight agrees with both of the Unicorns and prepares everypony for the next day. While they're all asleep, Rarity leaves the shop after leaving a note. Heartfire, unable to get any sleep, notices her but doesn't stop her, if she thinks it's the right thing to do. Thyme joins Heartfire and, after a small compliment, they kiss. Rarity had gone to the Graveyard and met with Death. She requested Rainbow Dash back by offering herself. Death acknoledges her generosity and courage and kills Rarity, bringing Raibow Dash back in the process. Death doens't bother to stop Rainbow Dash and she flies away. Twilight greets Rainbow Dash and finds the note.

Chapter 5 is the start of Twilight's plan to get Equestria back. After a magic spell that sends a bright light sphere up in the sky, the pegasi fly off to distract the ground patrols and take over The Master Battlefleet. Before Heartfire flies off, he has a small conversation with Thyme, pointing out to her that she should't be upset if he dies. Is there a small romance between them? Yes and no. Putting that aside, Twilight is still unsure about the plan and thinks that it will be a failure. Pinkie comes to her side. However, trying to take over a ship in the sky is not that simple. If the ground patrols don't get the job done, then Corrupted Unicorns from the Battlefleets blast the Pegasi out of the sky. Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Grafix and Heartfire stick close and try to defend themselves all the way to the Master Battlefleet. When they reach the main controls, they four ponies confront War, the second Pony of the Apocalypse. Using his magic, War turns Rainbow Dash into a golden statue. Given that alicorns are beings of higher power, gold-ification can indeed be achieved. After a small confrontation, Heartfire is trapped and his are plucked off by War, thus Heartfire loses his pride -The three pony archtypes are proud for their magic, wings and hoof power accordingly-. Grafix hides from War's eyesight. If it's one thing War hates real bad is a coward. War uses Fluttershy to make Grafix come out. He succeeds and recongnises Grafix after getting a closer look. He recalls a war that he had caused out of boredom that resulted in the death of Grafix's parents. The fact that they died out of boredom enrages Grafix and without second thought, he assaults War. His attack are futal and only make War's adrenaline rush faster. Fluttershy tries to speak to Grafix, saying how he is forgiving. War beats her up. Grafix calms down and eventually, after a realisation, forgives War. War goes into a fit and attacks Grafix head on. Grafix is able to destory War's golden axe with ease and summons a shining gauntlet -or fleece- on his one hoof, revealing his Element of Forgiveness. Unlike the previous Elements, these Elements of Harmony are more like physical manifastations. War seems petrified by the contraption and is sucked in by it. The reason why he fears it will be explained later on. He tells Grafix that as long there's hate and resentment in the world, he'll always come back. Grafix uses the remaining energy he has to heal Fluttershy and turn Rainbow Dash back to normal. Fluttershy now has a 'thing' with Grafix. Rainbow takes control of the Master Battlefleet and crashes it with another one, causing a domino effect. The phase is successful, even though Heartfire's wings are gone. The Chapter ends with Heartfire telling Thyme and he's in love with somepony else and his whole journey was to find her. Thyme slaps Heartfire and leaves him alone.

Chapter 6 follows the plan with Phase Two. Since the patrols and the Battlefleets have been wiped out, Twilight Sparkle teleports the rest of the ponies to the Castle in Canterlot. The teams splits into two, the One being only Twlight, Thyme and the Quill Soul. The second team split into two again, one group under Violet Haze and the other under Rainbow Dash. Rainbow took the rest of the Pegasi whereas Violet the earth ponies, including Pinkie Pie and the Lolitas, although the Chapter focuses mainly on the first team. The three unicorns head to the ball room and immediately, the three get seperated under mysterious circumstances. Twilight reunites with Celestia, even though she thinks it's peculiar but none the less accompanies her. Quill Soul begins to panic until Pestilence visits her. Dark Equun appears and tries to protect Quill Soul. Pestilence shouts to Quill Soul that Dark Equun is a creature of darkness. Dark tells her not to listen. Quill Soul is both panicked and confused. Thyme looks at the floor, the Royal Wedding Couple on it. After a short while, Heartfire meets her and the two make up. In the meantime, Celestia explains to Twilight that what she saw was a doppleganger made by Celestia as she seemed to have expected the Ponies of the Apocalypse. Twilight thinks that this also explains how there were no guards guarding the castle once they entered. Dark Equun decides to fight Pestilence, successfully dealking a blow. Pestilence merges with the groun -yet another Alicorn magic spell- and manages to capture Quill Soul, threatening Dark that he will kill her if he reacts. Pestilence leaves Dark on the ball room alone. After Celestia had explained and the two walked, she suddenly froze in space and time. Celestia explains it by saying how, in order to regain her magic energy, she has to freeze for a couple of seconds every now and then. Thyme tells Heartfire how the three Unicorns were to face Nightmare Chaos alone. Heartfire thinks of it as suicide and suggests the two of them leave Equestria. Thyme realises that Heartfire would never say that, loses her cool and assaults Heartfire using magic. 'Heartfire' turns out to be Pestilence. Thyme's anger comes out as magic energy that gathers around her and forms a huge wolf completely made out of magic energy. Pestilence tries to convince Thyme that with this power, she can become a queen. Thyme slowly falls from it, blinded from her anger. The real Heartfire steps in and convinces Thyme that she's more considerate than that. Thyme snaps out of it and Pestilence retreats. Then there's a weet moment between the two. Dark Equun stayed silent in the ball room, blaming himself for what happenned to Quill Soul. Pestilence reappears with an unconscious Quill Soul. He points out that he got bored and that Quill Soul is fine. He then disappears. Dark Equun swears that he'll protect Quill Soul. And again, back to Celestia and Twilight, Celestia is only a fake. In the end, it was Pestilence's illusing and he pointed out again that he got bored. He reunited the three Unicorns and disappeared. All this indicates Pestilence's jester personality and how he likes to toy with ponies until he gets bored. He summons hiself at the throne room where Nightmare Chaos is gazing outside, his only excuse being that he got bored. Death says that they've found a new Pony of the Apocalypse and kills Pestilence. Death vanishes, saying that he has a matter to attend. Everypony is okay and all of them advance through the castle. Thyme suddenly collapses and finds herself in a void, completely white. She meets with Death. Death tells her that she's been chosen and that he's the Voice of the Moon, a name that Thyme's father had. Is Death Thyme's father? Yes and no. 

Chapter 7 focuses on the second team of Team Two, most specifically, Violet Haze's team. They went through the gardens. Mist started to form itself around them and most of the team eventaully dies from bugs. The surviving ponies are confronted with Famine, who doesn't seem he wants to harm them. He sits down and begins feasting on the dead ponies. Although he's a Pony of the Apocalypse, he shows compassion towards some bugs that had just come out of a dead pony's mouth. Oscuro approached him and managed to understand him. The two talk for a while until Famine says he must kill her. Dolce and Oscura fend off the centipede monster that Famine had summoned but Oscura overuses her magic. Famine says out loud that he has failed and shouts in pain. Oscura comes to his side. Famine says the voice in his head is torturing him. Oscura somehow manages to get the voice out of Famine. It turns out that the voice was Conquest, the first pony of the Apocalypse. Wait, wait, what? Wasn't Pestilence the first pony? Why is a Pony of the Apocalypse inside another Pony of the Apocalypse? Explanations coming up... Conquest seems to be fairly interested in Pinkie Pie. Pinkie recognises his red eyes, recalling that she's seen them somewhere before. Discord? Conquest admits that he created Discord, even though he was a failure. Pinkie blames Conquest for the death of her friends and attacks him. She's easily outmatched and falls under Conquest's influence with the form of a kiss -No, that's not advanced Alicorn magic but one of Conquest's traits, the ability to influence somepony since he's the reincarnation of greed. Also, the bruise regenerated itseld quickly because this was indeed Alicorn magic.- Violet Haze kicks Conquest in the face, takes the unconscious Pinkie to the twins and takes on Conquest. Pinkie Pie immediately wakes up and goes to Conquest's side, guarding him. Conquest reminds Violet Haze of her past. Violet admitted her past but refused to let Pinkie become like her. Purple aura surged around her and two purple armoured fleeces with five claws each formed on her front hooves, revealing her Element of Self Control. Even though she was able to slash Conquest successfully, when she slashed Pinkie, there were no cuts. This proves that the Element has the ability to, as Violet Haze said, give somepony bach themselves, meaning that the Element can destroy any kind of influence. Conquest teleports away -Once again, since Teleportation is used by almost every Pony of the Apocalypse so far, it's an Alicorn spell. Also, their horns don't really need to glow as this magic channels through their bodies, regeneration and teleportation. And hey, they're advanced.-. Conquest appears at the Throne Room, where Nightmare Chaos and Death look at the Moon. Conquest is reassured that his 'counterpart' has been taken care of. He also realised that Death was lost in his thoughts because of a 'new recruit'. Pinkie was uncoscious but her colours were back to normal. This was explained previously. Famine is unconscious when he begins to disintergrate. Oscura bursts into tears. As Famine fades away, the gardens returns back to normal, with the grass getting green and the trees blooming all that. Oscura's weak smile reappears and her tears go away once she hears Famine's voice echoing again. Thank you for freeing me. So, was one Pony of the Apocalypse controlling the other? More explanations coming...

Chapter 8 focuses on Thyme's trasformation to the Pony of the Apocalypse, Truth. The Chapter begins with her and Death talking a little more. Death offers her a place next to him but Thyme obviously refuses and runs towards her friends. She wakes up to realise that Heartfire didn't seem to worry much about her. It was only inevitable that she would collapse again. This time, she fell down a void and witnessed a pony's life as she grew up. The pony was Thyme. Thyme is suddenly tortured, ending up blinded and with her heart brutally squashed. A mysterious voice tells her that in order to be truth, she would need to experience pain like no other. Thyme regains consciousness but soon after vanishes. Heartfire seems to take this a bit more seriously. But wasn't Heartfire supposed to be in love with somepony else? Death appears from the end of the corridor. Heartfire demands to know where Thyme is. Death burns his hoof and Heartfire lets go him -Alicorn magic-. Heartfire strikes him the face, making his mask fall off. Oooooh, mask off, time for Heartfire to burn Applejack style. Sadly, no. Instead, Death kind of loses it and is about to kill Heartfire until a pony from behind him calms him down. The pony is Death's mysterious apprentice, a mare that covers her eyes with a scarf. The two of them disappear and Twilight tends to Heartfire's burnt hoof. Quill Soul has some more progressive dialogue with Dark Equun. Twilight notices Quill Soul talking to herself. This proves that Dark Equun can only be seen and heard by Quill Soul only. Eventually, the ponies begun moving again. The Chapter ends with Nightmare Chaos and Death talking. Death reveals that War and Famine are in fact alive and that everything is going according to plan... Wait, wait. War and Famine are alive? And who is the new pony that has joined Death? More explanations coming...

Chapter 9 reveals why there weren't guards in the entrance in the first place. It was all a trap to take out the majority of the ponies. Grafix, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy fight through the hordes of guards while the rest of them reach the door to the throne room. Eventually, they make it, even though one of Fluttershy's wings was badly injured. The ponies enter and are confronted with Nightmare Chaos. I should point out here that his mane is dark blue and kinda long and his eyes are red. I'll explain more later... Nightmare Chaos traps each pony individually and messes with their head. Also, this Nightmare Chaos is still a bit crazy with power. I say all this because, as mentioned in the Chapter 1 recap, he's still under the Alicorn Evolution. Rainbow is the first victim. After a small guilt trial with Rarity, Death possesses her, claiming her as his property. Fluttershy is visited by Conquest whom makes one of the walls crash. Fluttershy closes her eyes and opens them to look at Rarity. In short, it's all a big illusion that turns her friends and Grafix against her and in the end, she dies. That's only the dream though. This is one of Nightmare Chaos' powers in combination with a spell. What I mean is that Nightmare Chaos possesses Luna's power to enter dreams. The spell is to force sleep on the ponies and, in Rainbow Dash's case, Death visits her instead of Nightmare Chaos. It's like a cooperation between the villains. Like Conquest visiting Fluttershy too. The wall doesn't actually break until Grafix smashes through it in order to come to her rescue once he hears her scream. Conquest appears from the wall and Grafix tries to assault him by throwing a golden spike to his shoulder. I should also point out that these New Elements are large amounts of magic energy. That explains why Grafix's attacks are spears made of energy. That also explains Violet Haze's 'spiritual' slashes and will also explain the future Elements. However, as the spear strikes Conquest, Fluttershy receives a blow too. Conquest has applied a Voodoo spell on him and thus, with every hit, Fluttershy gets injured out. However, unlike Fluttershy, Conquest is able to regenerate. Grafix loses it. Now's a good time to mention what actually happens. Grafix's anger increases by the minute and, as described, his appearance slowly changes to what represented War's. Since his Element absorbed War, it transformed him into large amounts of magic energy, hence the constant use of spikes. When Death mentioned that War was alive, he meant that his energy was still present, thus his existence. As Grafix gets angrier, his magic energy changed accordingly. War metioned that, as long as anger, hate and resentment exist in the world, he will always come back. So, the fact that Grafix completely lost it then was because War's magic energy was boosting his anger, slowly taking him over. Eventually, Grafix told Fluttershy he hated her and his anger turned him into War. War. Is. Everlasting!

Chapter 10 starts with Fluttershy challenging War in a one to one battle. War gladly accepts and the two ponies clash. Their power is even but in the end, Fluttershy, now under the Element of Anger, the counter Element, uses her stare and kills War. Nightmare Chaos congradulates her gives her back Grafix. In other words, Grafix seemed temporarily possessed by War's magic energy. In order for War to be complete he would need to take his time and let Grafix's magic energy fade slowly. Moving on, Heartfire and Violet Haze are left in the same room. Violet confessesses her small crush on Heartfire. It's a somewhat love-hate crush. Truth reveals after the two ponies kiss. Truth is very mysterious but Heartfire can't help but feel he knows her. Truth causes Heartfire to collapse. It is revealed through Heartfire's dream that the pony he loved and went on to find after so much time was Princess Luna. However, if Heartfire did find Luna when she was just filly, then the incident must have occured more than a 1000 years ago. How is Heartfire alive? This will explained in his short story. After Heartfire wakes up, he finally recognises Truth to be Thyme. Truth on the other hand doesn't know anypony named Thyme, stating that she doesn't exist. Heartfire then finally admits that he loves Thyme and insists on Truth to see reality. Heartfire's Element of Love is unlocked and his magic energy transforms him to a higher form. Using his Element, he's able to restore Thyme back to normal and, when he turns back to normal too, his wings are regenerated. Violet Haze decides it'd be best if Thyme was with Heartfire instead of her. Conquest visits Quill Soul. It's time for Dark to keep his promise and protect Quill Soul. He summons Hydrambo, a large blade that manipulates the tides. Which leads to the quesiton: Who is Dark Equun really? However, this one plothole will be explained in the next arc. Dark Equun seems to have the upper hand at first, even able to negate Conquest's regeneration spell. Conquest snaps completely and activates the Room of Suffering, a powerful spell only able to be used by Conquest. Dark Equun struggles to fend them off and is eventually struck contiously. Quill Soul begs for Conquest to stop. The Chapter ends with Dark Equun is sorry.

Chapter 11 begins in quite an unusual way, with Nightmare Chaos remembering some off words. He wakes up to discover he has cried blood, questioning if he saw a dream or not. This is actually a hint that Nightmare Chaos' transformation is complete in the meaning that his true Alicorn form is complete, not that he himself is complete -Remember when Death sucked Luna and her energy turned to the New Elements of Harmony?- Anyway, moving on, Dolce and Oscura are also locked between four walls and suddenly, they begin choking for air. Oscura wakes up back in the gardens. Even though she thinks it's impossible, she feels somepony behind her. She turns her head to see her twin sister dying and then in front of her, she is confronted by a mysterious alicorn with a helmet. Oscura is tortured by the Alicorn until he takes off his helmet, revealing his head to be a bare skull, and chews off her face. Oscura asks for his name before she dies. He reveals that he's Famine. Oscura wakes up. It was all an illusion. Dolce and Oscura are confronted with te mysterious Alicorn that says he's Famine. Oscura doens't believe him. Famine explains that The Ponies of the Apocalypse have the ability to create artificial Ponies of the Apocalypse that are just empty shells. This counts for Pestilence, the fake Famine who was a vessel for Conquest and Truth, evem though her transformation was a bit more complicated. Still, she was also an artificial Pony of the Apocalypse. Why was Conquest hiding himself in Famine? More explanations coming later on. Oscura refuses to believe Famine and assaults him with magic. However, knowing the fake Famine's ability to feast on magic energy, Oscura is shortly after almost completely out and collapses. Dolce is captured by Famine's chain and is held against the wall. Now, every Pony of the Apocalypse have a specific trait of their own. Death has his Scythe, that reaps through the lives of the dead, War has his axe, that reaps through the lives of the living, Conquest has his Crown, that makes ponies embrace the greater and Famine has his chain, which slowly drains magic energy away. In other words and to get back to the plot, Dolce was slowly dying from Famine's chain. Twilight Sparkle wakes up in the throne room and looks outside the window. She is confronted by Nightmare Chaos. His appearance is described with shorter, almost completely dark, blue mane and bleached blue eyes. Nightmare Chaos says he has no intention to fight Twilight. Twilight doesn't believe him and unleashes a huge amount of magic energy on him. Nightmare Chaos is unharmed. Nightmare Chaos leads Twilight to thinking that he didn't kill Celestia for power, but more for salvation. Nightmare Chaos tells Twilight that it was Celestia that caused all the chaos. It's only natural for Twilight not to believe him. Nightmare Chaos explains that the Elements of Harmony, Celestia's Elements of Harmony, once belonged to Luna. When Discord was sealed away, Celestia had an opportunity to destroy chaos. Instead, she embraced it. Celestia banished Luna because she knew she would eventually overthrow her. He also says that Celestia picked Twlight because she knew that Twilight would overthrow her, just as Luna would. And here's a small fact that I myself admit I didn't explain well. Alicorns -in this lore- feast on blood to maintain their powers. They can maintain themselves for 1000 years if the can suck even a drop of blood, let it be theirs even. Celestia had gone rougue. Instead of drinking her own blood, she killed one pony every five years and sucked its blood dry. And she was going to do the same thing with Twilight. The real reason Twilight was sent to make friends was because she was getting close to finding out what Alicorns really were, and what Celestia really was. Twilight was used to weaken Luna, turn her Elements against her. Twilight is at a loss of words, only then realising what she had done. Nightmare Chaos offers her a place next to him. Twilight says yes. Quill Soul mourns over Dark's almost dead body. Dark Equun forms a blank mask and tells Quill Soul that it can save a pony's life yet he refuses to put it on and leaves it for Quill Soul. Dark turns to dark sparkles. Conquest's crowns is not on his head and, in a nutshell, he's in quite a mess. Conquest has gone crazy. He grabs Quill Soul and threatens to beat her up as violently as he can in order to do what he couldn't on Dark's body. Quill Soul tries to reach for the mask but Conquest shatters it just as she's about to grasp it. He throws her against the wall. Quill Soul can't stand it and begs for Death to kill her. Quill Soul is suddenly wrapped in a dark shroud and out of it rises a mysterious pony, Aeion. Conquest fondly recalls Aeion but the catch is, Conquest has never met Aeion. How? More explanations further on. Oscuro wakes up in her subconscious that takes her to the gardens where she met Famine. She reunites with him and the two have a conversation about the real Famine. The fake Famine tells Oscura that there's nothing to fear and that being joyful is the best solution. -Oscura is able to talk to Famine because basically, as with War, his magic energy still exists in this world and was absorbed by Oscura, meaning that they're basically connected now.- As Oscura is slowly dragged away from he subconscious -aka waking up- she sees a mysterious cloaked figure with a mask looking back at her. He wispers something that the fake Famine had also wispered to her. There's a guardian angel in every pony. And I am yours... Who is the mysterious masked pony? This will be explained in the next arc... Oscura wakes up and shatters Famine's chain. Dolce is surprised by Oscura's positive smile. Famine doesn't seem worried and assaults the twins with his chain. However, it proves useless as it shatters in mid air. The twins combine their magic and their Element of Joy is unlocked, once again being insanely large amounts of magic energy. They laucnh all this energy as a sphere towards Famine. Famine attempts to absorb all the enrgy but fails and is blasted away. Famine tries to survive, saying as how he must survive in this corrupted world. Oscura says she understands his pain and Famine turns to dust. After a small teaching request by Twilight, Nightmare Chaos takes her to the Void or the Land of Demise, the place where all alicorns come from. Nightmare Chaos explains that the Void is a place in the middle of nowhere. He further explains that Alicorns are not supposed to live in the ponies' world and that they seek to find a purpose. Twilight is more than confused about the whole things all the way to think herself as useless. Nightmare Chaos takes her back and requests Death to bring her Rainbow Dash. Death notices Twilight Sparkle and tells Nightmare Chaos that she doesn't have a role and that she won't save him from Aeion. Nightmare Chaos doesn't wish to talk about Aeion when Twilight mentions him. Rainbow Dash arrives and blames Twilight for what happenned -obviously she's under Death's influence but Twilight doesn't know it-. Twilight accidentally kills her but Nightmare Chaos says she salvaged her. He calms Twilight down saying how he'll form a world of happiness. There' a weird relationship between Nightmare Chaos and Twilight, almost like a romance but not quite... 

Chapter 12 begins with Aeion and Conquest. Conquest has gone completely mad and attacks Aeion, dealing no damage whatsoever. After a long and painfull torture, Aeion kills Conquest by 'balancing' him through the things he had done through his life. Once Conquest was dead, Aeion collapses and turns back to Quill Soul along with the white mask. Quill Soul wakes up and sees Aeion. She can't believe it as she was the one who created Aeion and thus he's not bound to be real. Aeion is a very shady character and a combination of both a male and a female. His powers, personality and purpose were designed by Quill Soul. Aeion is, according to Quill Soul, the Libra between Life and Death and balances ponies when it's their time to die. Aeion destroys every wall around Quill Soul and disappears. And now's the question: How did Aeion come to be? Well, since Quill Soul needed somepony to protect her from Conquest, her magic energy focused in one single thought and her Element of Creativity was unlocked and summoned Aeion through herself. Basically, Aeion was using Quill Soul's body to defeat Conquest until he seperated himself from her and became a sole individual. Aeion tells Quill Soul that he will only interfere when it's necessary. Wh-what? Then, who does he serve? Is he like The Law, like, Judge Dredd? Okay, no jokes in this recap... However, Aeion will be explained further in the next arc... Quill Soul reunites with the rest of the ponies. Nightmare Chaos sits and wonders about his past. What is an emotion? Why does Twlight smile when she's with her friends in her dream? This indicates that Nightmare Chaos is trying to find out how to feel and what a feeling really is, hinting once again that his Alicorn transformation is complete. Death appears and infroms Nightmare Chaos that the Ponies of the Apocalypse, apart from him, are dead and that Seraphim has almost awaken. He also says that Nighmare Chaos is holding himself back by letting Twilight with him. After Nightmare Chaos is done talking to Death, he finds out that Twilight has left, most likely to stop the others from reaching him. He admits that indeed, she isn't a part. After all the ponies reunite, Death stumbles upon them but doesn't try to harm them. Instead, he leaves before Thyme keeps him back and asks for Nightmare Chaos' plan. Death answers Thyme by saying that without life, there's no death and vise versa. And now I should point out that Death actually tricked Thyme into believing he was her father. One of Death's unique abilities -like Luna's dream observer and Conquest's Room of Suffering- is that he can remember every pony that has died and can recall their memories. So he's not Thyme's father. Twlight confronts them shortly after and tries to convince them that Nightmare Chaos isn't evil and only seeks to grant everypon salvation. The ponies' opinions clash and Twilight unleashes dakr magic in her anger. She's shortly after killed by Aeion, who mentioned that'd he only interfere when necessary. The ponies mourn over her dead body and eventually carry on to the final battle. And so it's time for The End...

The End begins with the final confrontation. Nightmare Chaos calls the rest of the previoud Elements of Harmony forward and asks them of Twilight. Fluttershy hesitates to tell him that she's dead but Nightmare Chaos realises so. His one eye cries blood and changes in form. Pinkie commits suicide and Fluttershy dies from Grafix's hand. The eye power that Nightmare Chaos possesses is the Seraphim, which is also Nightmare Chaos' true name. The Seraphim is Luna's dream observer power at its maximum potential, meaning that he can manipulate the turn of events in th dream even when the pony isn't asleep. Grafix loses it but is easily outmatched by Seraphim. Nightmare Chaos tells the ponies about how they're the New Elements of Harmony. Now the real purpose behind Seraphim's plan is revealed. There was never Celestia and Luna. There was Celestia and Seraphim. Luna was only Seraphim's weakend form, or his feminine counterpart. Luna's evolution to Nightmare Moon was only to turn back to Seraphim. Seraphim was born as Luna but Celestia knew she wasn't herself. The ancestors of the guardians had made sure that it was all planned out. Once Luna was banished to the moon, they had set everything up. The Land of Demise and the Lake of Confrontation. The Luna sent on the Moon was Luna the Pure, aka the enrgy needed to create the new Elements of Harmony. Luna returned as Nightmare Moon but was turned back to Luna by her once Elements of Harmony. The ancestors knew of Celestia's hunger for power and thus knew she woluld use the Elements against her sister. Once the time was right, Luna the Pure was captured. The Land of Demise could only be accessed by the Ponies of the Apocalypse and only they decided who entered. However, since the Land of Demise is the place where all alicorns are born, they exit when they're ready but can never go back because the ancestors made it this way. Seeing though as how it was impossible to turn her back to Nightmare Moon, that's what the Lake of Confrontation was created for. It could only be activated from one of the guardians and could only work on Luna the Pure. One she had turned to Nightmare Moon, the Land of Demise would let its moon shine down on her, which turned Nightmare Moon to Nightmare Chaos, the newborn Seraphim. Seraphim started like a newborn Alicorn and managed to exit the Land of Demise with the Ponies of the Apocalypse as the keys. Death's intention of turning Luna the Pure to the new Elements was all intentional. Once Seraphim had ovethrown Celestia, all he needed was time. He knew his Elements were alive and that they would come to him. He only made them reveal their Elements through trials. Now, the reason why War feared the gauntlet was because he knew he would die from that -even though he didn't know when-, as the ancestors had predicted. Conquest knew Aeion because he knew he was going to die by his hoof, except his insanity messed him up and his head. However, Seraphim's true form was revealed upon hearing Twilight's death. In order for Seraphim's Dream Manipulator to be complete, he had to experience a loss that would devastate him. And indeed, even though he didn't wish for it, he begun having feelings for Twilight Sparkle. Once she had died, the Seraphim had created itself. The New Elements of Harmony, once reunited with their creator, would form Luna the Pure once again and fuse with Seraphim, forming his second eye power and his magic energy merges with that of the Moon's. And so Seraphim was complete. The Republic, the tyrrany, it was all a lie. The true purprose was for Seraphim to recreate the world and turn it into a world with no pain, a world that would have only happiness. The Ponies of the Apocalypse created the Dopplegangers because they feared and tried to delay their inevitable deaths. It was only natural for them to fear death anyways. Now, to carry on with the plot. Seraphim achieves 'deus ex machina form' -heh, why'd I joke there? But seriously, just think an amount of magic energy so vast it's able to shift reality to the weilder's desire... That is Seraphim's full power. Basically, Seraphim would fix Celestia's mistakes and the world as a whole.- and the recreation of the world begins. The New Mane Six are powerless and one after the other gives up. Seeing as how their Elements were large of amounts of magic energy now sucked by Seraphim, they were powerless. However, Quill Soul is able to use her Element of Creativity -As Seraphim mentioned, Creativity may in fact be the most astounding of traits in a pony since it can be endless- and fuses herself with Aeion, the Libra betwen Life and Death. Nightmare Chaos looks at the hybrid in fear. Aeion. That was Seraphim's last words before Quill Soul killed him. As Seraphim falls and the world begins recreating itself the way it was before the Republic was created, he sees Twilight's Spirit and finally realises why she smiles, earning his feelings the last minute before he turns to Luna the Pure forever. 

And so one might ask: If Seraphim was indeed to recreate the world and the Elements of Harmony really were unable to stop him, how was Quill Soul able to use her Element of Cretivity and defeat a being like Seraphim? Why? Because the Line decided so... What's the Line? That will be explained in the next arc...

Hope we filled the plotholes mon amis
and I hope you'll stay for the next arc to come.


Okay so, I know this fic is not the best since there isn't a lot of explanation about... a lot of things really :shrug:

SO, I made this recap and tried to fill as many plotholes as I could
If there are still questions, do feel free to leave a comment :D

This project belongs to :icondarklyo:
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