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Mane Twelve by ponydesigner

The Mane Twelve Chapter 2 - The Arrival



A town full of lively ponies, chatting and laughing as they stroll along on its streets. Its size may be small and the population may not be vast, but that's why everypony thinks they are all a big, happy family. Every day, ponies shop at local stores with fresh-baked goods. Quill Soul walked amongst the small groups of ponies, looking left and right while describing it all in her head. Practice makes perfect. she thought to herself. Quill Soul was just an ordinary Unicorn, like the rest, with a dark blue coat and a short mane, split into two colors, the left being bright silver and the right being pitch black. A pair of glasses balanced themselves on her nose. 

Having graduated from university a couple years back, Quill Soul was an aspiring artist, searching ponies willing to publish her novels. Her searches led her to a publisher in Baltimare. However, the journey was too long for her. In between, she rented an room in a Ponyville inn where she'd stay for a couple of days and then be on her way. She liked Ponyville. It was quiet. It was simple and it may just be the last peace and quiet she will get before the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Quill Soul trotted along, a note shrouded in silver magic flying around her. It had an address written on it. She looked around, trying to spot the inn. Where is it...? Quill Soul's forehead begun sweating. Oh. Quill Soul wiped her forehead. Now's not the time to get stressed. You'll find it... 

As she refreshed her thoughts and shook her head, a pink pony appeared out of nowhere and greeted her with confetti.

"Hi!" Quill Soul was startled, almost tripping backwards. "I'm Pinkie Pie! Are you new here? Haven't seen you before so you must be."

", I'm not from here." Quill Soul replied, not making any eye contact. She walked past her in an attempt to ignore her.

If it was one thing about Quill Soul's personality that troubled her the most, it was her lack of social skills. She couldn't help it though. She kept silent and looked down, now only trying to make Pinkie Pie leave her alone. That did not stop the pink mare. With small hops, she followed the Unicorn.

"Soooooooooooo... who are you?" Pinkie asked, breaking the awkward silence that had surrounded them.

Quill Soul's mind froze. She tried to tell her to leave her alone but she couldn't. The words wouldn't come out. She ignored her. But Pinkie Pie didn't give up. She begun rambling, talking about...all sorts of things. From her friends, to her pet Gummy, to how chocolate chip cookies are way more delicious with whipped cream. All in a very fast and pitchy voice. Quill Soul begun to feel dizzy. She gulped and her horn begun glowing, vanishing in a bright flash. Pinkie kept hopping and talking without realizing Quill Soul was gone.


Quill Soul was thrown out of the flash, colliding on a wall. Well, that was foolish of you Quill Soul. she thought as she soothed the back of her head with her mane. That knock hurt a lot but it was nothing she couldn't get over. She got up and looked at her surroundings. It was a narrow alley, with almost no source of light other than the ends of it. As she turned her head to the left, she stood in awe. The wall had a graffiti of a yellow Pegasus, with long wavy mane, big blue eyes and a shy smile. It was beautiful to look at. This is magnificent... Quill Soul was left with her mouth half-open. 

She heard a pony grunting behind her. She was taken aback. She quickly turned around to find a Pegasus lying on the ground, feeling his head. The stallion was a little smaller than her in size. He had a white coat and a short, messy mane with a touch of orange. He got up as soon as he had pulled himself together. He opened his eyes, revealing a pair of bright, red colored pupils. 

"W-What are you doing here?" the stallion asked with a suspicious look. "This is my alley. You're not allowed here." He picked up his spray can and shook it. It was empty. He tossed it aside.

"I-I'm sorry," Quill Soul's voice was shaking. The stallion must have been the artist responsible for this and she might have just interrupted him in a critical moment. "I-I just-"

"Please leave." He searched through some paper boxes. "You're forgiven. Just go." Quill Soul gulped and turned around, slowly walking away. "Oy." He heard the stallion's voice again and turned her head. "Don't tell anypony about this." He red eyes transmitted a seriousness.

Quill Soul quickly nodded and trotted out of the alley. She was shaking like crazy. She heard the stallion letting out a sigh, accompanied by the sound of spray paint. Quill Soul opened her mouth, ready to apologize once more. Her fear of offending him kept her back and in the end, she just kept walking. She felt a little relieved to have discovered another pony possessing the same talent as her. A creative one. she thought. But obviously way better than me...


After stopping for a sip, the search went on. Quill Soul felt like she had crossed all of Ponyville, but the result warmed her heart. She had finally found the inn. She unlocked the door with the key she received and stepped inside. Everything seemed fine. It had all the amenities but it didn't overdo it. It was small and comfortable. A-ok. Quill Soul put her bag on the counter of the small kitchen and headed to the bed. She removed her small, black vest, put her match in the pocket and let it aside. After taking off her glasses and resting them on the bedside table, she covered herself under the bedsheets of her new bed. 


Sleep just wouldn't come for Quill Soul. The Unicorn kept turning from side to side. Nothing worked. She got up from her bed and attempted to warm up some milk on a pot. Not only did she burn her hoof, but the milk didn't help either. She sighed at her failure and sat on her bed. She gazed outside of her window, at the stars. The shined on the dark sky.

"Can't sleep...?" Quill Soul heard a stallion's voice behind her.

"It's not that, Dark Equun..." Quill Soul replied without turning around to face him.

It would appear as if Dark Equun had appeared from thin air. Both the door and the windows were locked, yet he was still there. 

"How are you feeling?" Dark Equun asked her.

"Fine. Just peachy..." Quill Soul let out a sigh.

"Yeah. Me too..." 

Quill Soul turned around and looked at Dark Equun with an ironic look. "Liar." She playfully stuck her tounge out at him.

"I could say the same thing for you."

Dark Equun was an Alicorn with a pitch black coat and a manestyle just like Quill Soul's, but only its bright silver color. His face was covered by a pale white mask that had a red tattoo below its left eyehole. Two glowing sparkles could be seen behind the holes. His body was covered in a dark cloak, with sleeves running down his front hooves and stopping at big, silver bracelets. He was almost identical to her, if not for the colors and the attire. That similarity between them was a mystery to Quill Soul. Even his origins are unknown to her. Ever since she could remember, Dark Equun was there, beside her. He was quite a mysterious pony, appearing and disappearing at the weirdest of times. 

There was silence between the two ponies after his last reply. Quill Soul opened her mouth.



"Do you think I'm... useless...?"

Dark Equun looked at her, staying silent. His glowing eyes were thinner. Their glow wasn't as strong, as if he was worried. He sat next to her and comforted her under his cloak.

"Quill Soul... I am you. If I wasn't, I wouldn't think or feel as if I were you. And the same goes for you." 

Quill Soul stayed silent, looking down now. Dark Equun continued. "I don't feel useless. And if it's one thing you're not, and will never be, it's useless. You're not like the rest of these ponies. You are something better. You are unique." 

Quill Soul raised her head and looked at his eyes, as they slowly gained their glow back. "Wanna know why?" The Unicorn slowly nodded. "'Cause you possess a gift like no other." Dark Equun raised his hoof and gently poked her forehead. "It's creativity."

Quill Soul looked at Dark Equun. "Creativity..." she whispered.

"Yes." He nodded. "I've seen you draw and write and think like no other pony. And I admit that with no thought. Out of all the ponies in Equestria, it's you that shines the most in this section."

Quill Soul nodded as she slowly fell on Dark Equun. The Alicorn lied back on the bed, holding the mare on his hooves. 

"Thank you, Dark..." She whispered to him as she relaxed.

Dark Equun removed his mask and his lips stretched back, forming a weak smile. "Remember Quilly. You only have to believe..." His body was shrouded by dark sparkles. His figure slowly vanished and let Quill Soul sleep.


On the other side of Ponyville, during that cold yet beautiful night, a shadow appeared out of the depths of the Everfree Forest. A buffed stallion, a Pegasus, with a dark grey coat and dark mane, a calm look carved on his face. 

"It looks so different, from back then... She must be too..." He whispered to himself. He walked down the hill. "Only a few towns away..."

As he entered Ponyville, he grunted as he felt an aching pain on his hooves. The walking has tired him. Luckily for him, there was a late-night cafe exactly where he had stopped. He wasn't sure whether to enter or not. He looked from a short distance, behind the glass. It was like he was a complete stranger, trespassing territory. 

"It's still here..." He was talking to himself again. The keeper was cleaning a few cups when he noticed the stallion. He walked towards the door and opened it, looking at the stallion with a friendly look.

"Come on in son. It doesn't bite."

The stallion stayed still for a while. After a positive nod, he followed him inside and rested on a chair. He let out a sigh of relief as he rubbed his hooves together. The keeper approached him with a little notebook.

"So, whatcha want son?"

The Pegasus had a sceptikal look on his face. He raised his head and looked at the pony. The owner gave him a friendly hint by waving the notebook. The stallion nodded.

"Just... water, please."

The owner walked back to the counter and fetched him his beverage. 

"I say, you must be new here. What's your name boy?"

"It's Heartfire, sir. Heartfire Burn."

The stallion welcomed him with a nod and headed to clean some more dishes. "The water's on the house then. Welcome, Heartfire Burn." 

Heartfire sipped some water and rested his head on his hoof. Other than him, there was one other pony in the cafe with him. It was a Unicorn, a mare with a bright, white coat and long, silver mane, with a braid on the side. She stayed quiet and enjoyed her cup of warm chocolate. Like Heartfire, she seemed like she was thinking of something. She took a moment of her time to put the cup down and look at Heartfire. He, on the other hand, just stayed in complete silence, lost in his thoughts. The mare got up from her seat and lifted her cup with her magic. She walked towards Heartfire's table.

"Is it free?" she asked for the other seat politely.

"Mh?" Heartfire had only noticed the Unicorn just now. Her radiant appearance surprised him. She's... beautiful... Heartfire thought to himself.

"Yeah... it is." He replied and took another small sip of his water.

The mare gave him a sunny smile and took a seat,resting her cup on the table. Heartfire concentrated on this thoughts. It wasn't as if he was ignoring her though. Thyme looked at him. Something was bothering him. 

"What's your name?" The mare asked in an attempt to break the ice. "I'm Thyme." She introduced herself and showed him her hoof, waiting to shake hooves with him.

Heartfire looked at her and then looked at her hoof. He didn't seem to understand the gesture. Thyme put her hoof down and giggled.

"It's okay if you don't want to talk."

"Oh no, it's not that, it's just... I have a lot in my mind right now." He finished his water with one swig and let a sigh of relief. "I actually feel like having a chat with a stranger right now to be honest." he finished with a weak smile.

Both ponies chuckled.

"I'm Heartfire. Heartfire Burn." 

Thyme smiled at him. The two ponies began talking to each other about. They got to know each other with a lot of details. They had more in common than they thought. They were both from a far away land, and both left to find something that completed them. Their conversation and laughs seemed like they would never stop as the night passed. The owner looked at them and cracked a smile.

"Love is in the air tonight in Ponyville." He looked at his reflection on the recently cleaned glass.


On the other side of town, that exact hour, the lights of a house a still lit. Two Unicorns sit and stare at a design. They look at it over and over again.

"It just... this isn't right..." said one of them. The mare had a light pink coat and long, curly white mane. 

"I think it looks fine..." The other pony shrugged. That one was almost identical to the previous one, but her colors were the first one's negative. She had a crimson red coat and a long, dark mane.

"No... something is off. I think it needs more bowties Oscura." She slowly gasped. "That's it!"

The crimson red Unicorn sighed miserably. "I only feel bow-tired. Dolce."

"Aw come on, it's not that boring! And besides. Who doesn't love some sibling quality time?" Dolce snuggled Oscura's cheek with hers. 

Oscura sighed. "If it weren't you, I would have jumped out of the window just now."

Dolce giggled. "No you wouldn't silly!"

"Try me." Oscura gave her a weak smile.

The Vita Twins giggled and got back to work. Oscura was always a little miserable, almost all the time even. But, deep inside, she was happy to have Dolce as a sister. In fact, she was her role model. Little did she know that Dolce thought the same of her. It was just that Dolce showed it a little more than Oscura. She was always more joyful towards life, whereas Oscura, not so much. She didn't hate it either though. They were working on a new design for one of Dolce's new dresses. It was her dream to be a professional fashion designer one day and Oscura only sought to help her get there...


In the streets of Ponyville, the stallion that Quill Soul had bumped into during the morning, had now put down the spray can and sighed in both relief and excitement. His sweat was pouring down his face like a waterfall but it was all worth it. It was finished. The yellow equine had been captured brilliantly on the big brick wall with even the smallest detail executed nicely. Next to the graffiti, or more suitably, painting, there was a name written with small letters, like ordinary graffiti. It spelled Grafix, for those who possessed enough fantasy to interpret the letters. Compared to the masterpiece next to it, the name was meaningless. And the stallion thought as much too.

"If only you would notice that name... Fluttershy..."

Grafix knew Fluttershy ever since they were fillies, but they didn't talk much. The years passed and the more they got older, the more distant they became. What was once Grafix's aspiration to be Fluttershy's special somepony, had now ended up being a fantasy. She wouldn't notice him anymore, they wouldn't even talk in events that they both attended. Part of that was because Grafix had grown too shy when he was next to Fluttershy.

"If only you would notice..." He threw the can aside and scratched the back of his mane as he left the alley.


In a valley a few miles away from Ponyville, a shred of darkness appeared out of nowhere and Nightmare Chaos walked out of it. At the same time, the ground shattered and the first Pony of the Apocalypse, Pestilence, rose. Behind him, a fire broke out and the valley was burnt to ashes, the ash giving birth to flesh in bright, shining armor. War, the second Pony of the Apocalypse had called himself forth. Having no crops around anymore, a swarm of insects gathered and begun eating each other, slowly forming flesh and bones in an untidy condition, giving birth to Famine, the third Pony of the Apocalypse. Finally, out of the dark void came out a gigantic black cloak, binding itself into a pony-like shape, growing out eyes, a mane and hooves, the mask shaping itself on his face, not allowing anypony to see through it and face the Final Pony of the Apocalypse, Death, in the eyes. 

Nightmare Chaos gazed at the town of Ponyville. His eye begun hurting. He put his hoof on it and tried to stop the pain. He gritted his teeth, enduring the pain. As it begun to weaken, he moved his hoof away, finding it soaked in blood. He panted heavily. A hoof rested itself on his shoulder. Nightmare Chaos turned his head.

"The Seraphim cannot be held back, Nightmare Chaos. Let change come to you."

Nightmare Chaos turned his head forward and closed his eyes. He took a deep breath. His mane suddenly fell down. The stars that glew on his mane were now gone and were replaced with slightly long, dark blue hair. He opened his eyes, the darkness that once engulfed them now replaced by bright, red colors that danced radiantly.

"It is time..."
Here's part 2 of :icondarklyo:'s big project. I, with :icondranlu: are working together for the writing part.
So anyway, Part 2 it is
I kinda took it lighter than the 1st part, trying to kinda break all the grimdark before Ch3, which is gonna be grimdark like Ch1.
Hope y'all like it.

P.S. OCs belong to the respective owners.
P.S.2. Violet Haze is going to appear on Ch3. She's going to play a little bigger role to equalise the screen time of the OCs :D

Ch1: [link]
Ch2: [link]
Ch3: [link]
Ch4: [link]
Ch5: [link]
Ch6: [link]
Ch7: [link]
Ch8: [link]
Ch9: [link]
Ch10: [link]
Ch11: [link]
Ch12: [link]
The End: [link]


Done :D I feel WAY more satisfied now and honestly, I think this will end in some better character progression :) I also believe that the plot is coming out nicer here :D

Anywho, ENJOY IT :iconyeahplz:

And also, most beautiful of covers belongs to :iconempressofsakura:, go give her some love :D
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camilah Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013
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I meant to say before (way, way before 8'D), from the little information I had of the Vitas at the time, you did a really good job writing for them. c:
ponydesigner Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Really *w* ?
Miss-Bow Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Yes, you did~ There were a few mistakes but they were technical, like their magic color (it's actually pink and purple XD).
And Oscura wasn't sarcastic at all, which kind of saddened me, but it's all good! You did a great job writing for them. :'D
ponydesigner Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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The fate of Equestria rests on your hands :)
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I'm still new with the OCs and thnx :D
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xxStrawberry Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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(I would actually like to have a cup of hot chocolate myself as well.. :P)
ponydesigner Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Fixed :D
Changed to silver.
And about the chocolate, me too
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